Driver J. H. Archer


Driver J.H. Archer, eldest son of James Archer, of Sunnylake, Neston, joined the Cheshire Field Co., R.E., in 1914, and is now somewhere in France. He was educated at Willaston Schools, and prior to enlisting was groom to Mr. Thomas Lonsdale, Hooton.



Finding any information on J.H. Archer has proven difficult, and I cannot say with certainty that the documents I have managed to get a hold of definitely relate to the man mentioned in the above excerpt.

Military records detail that a J. Archer of the Cheshire Regiment’s 9th Battalion was mentioned in despatches on 24th November, 1918;

Gazette 31083
Mentioned in Despatches.
The names of the undermentioned are a continuation of Sir D. Haig’s Despatch of the 8th November, submitting names deserving of special mention.
The record also claims that prior to serving in the Cheshire Regiment, J. Archer served as part of the South Lancashire Regiment’s 7th Battalion. This throws some doubt on these records belonging to the same man mentioned as above, as the newspaper excerpt claims he joined the Cheshire Field Co. in 1914.
So, unless J. Archer was in the British Army prior to the outbreak of the First World War, I am not confident that J.H. Archer and J. Archer are the same person. I will, however, continue my search for more information and will hopefully be able to uncover J.H. Archer’s story. 

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