Driver H. Mort


Driver H. Mort, of Hargrave Cottage, Willaston, is attached to the 3-1 Cheshire Field Co., R.E.



Although records are sparse, I believe Harry Mort was born around 1890 in Liverpool, England, to Joseph Mort and Jane Davies, later living in Cheshire. 

He served in the First World War as a Private in the Cheshire Regiment. The above excerpt claims he was part of the Cheshire Field Co., R.E., which provided the divisions they were attached to with “technical skill and know-how.”

As a ‘Driver,’ Harry’s job would most likely have been to drive the teams of horses pulling artillery guns, but it was also possible he was trained in the firing of the artillery itself as well. 

Harry survived the First World War and died at the age of 80 in St Helens, Merseyside, in 1969.

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