New Ferry Soldier Fatally Wounded by Sniper


News has been received in New Ferry that Private H. Delamere, of the 9th Battalion Cheshire Regiment, has died of wounds at Chocque (sic), France. It was while repairing the parapet of a trench on November 1st that he received his wounds, being shot by an enemy sniper, and died from the effects 3 days later.*

Mrs Delamere, who resides at 9. Sea View, has received a letter of condolences from the Sergeant-Major of her husband’s company, in which he says;

“I beg to tender to you, on behalf of the N.C.O.’s and men of “B” Company our sincerest sympathy in the sad death of your husband. His chum, Private Courts, was with him at the time, and he no doubt will be able to give you a descriptive account of what actually happened. From what I can gather your poor husband was one of a working party repairing the parapet of a trench.

Apparently they were observed by the enemy, who opened fire on them with the result that your husband was hit with bullets in the back and side. He was immediately tended and taken to hospital, his chum assisting. He was quite cheerful, and we had great hopes of his recovery. Unfortunately we received the sad news of his death three days later.

In closing I would say that your husband was considered one of the best men in the company, always ready and willing to give assistance and do his bit in any direction when called upon. I sincerely hope that the knowledge that he gave his life in the interest of King, country and loved ones at home will help you to bear the irreparable loss you have sustained.”

Private Delamere was very well known in New Ferry and Port Sunlight, and many friends there will lament his death. He had been at the front since July, he having been called up at the beginning of the war.

Private Harry Gilland Delamere served as part of the Cheshire Regiment’s 9th Battalion. He is recorded as having died on 1st November, 1915 as a result of enemy sniper fire while part of a team attending to a trench parapet. He was 28 years old.

Harry was survived by his wife, Margaret Annie Delamere, and his four children: David (5), Katherine (3), May (2), and Mary (1).

He is buried at the Chocques Military Cemetery in France.

* It seems the date of Harry’s death here has been conflated with the date on which his company was informed of his passing.


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