A Letter from another of our Gallant Cheshires

A letter from another of our gallant Cheshires strikes a note of contrast. He writes:

“We have changed our quarters, but are still many miles from the firing line. I believe that the nearest part of the line is just under thirty miles away. The ‘Pals’ have been resting quite close to this place, but they moved away a few days before we arrived. We left our training ground about 10 p.m. on Sunday, and as the nearest railway station was over 10 miles away, we had quite a long route march before reaching it. We entrained at 2:30 a.m., on Monday, and the machine gunners were lucky enough to travel in carriages, instead of the first-class cattle trucks.

We reached Amiens at noon. It is a fine town, the prettiest, as well as the largest place I have yet seen here. Tramoars were rattling past, and business was very brisk, in fact, it wasn’t a bit like war time. Pretty girls were giving us the ‘glad eye,’ and throwing flowers at us, so that I felt quite young again. Many were the wishes that we should be billeted close to Amiens but we kept on marching, and left it miles behind. Again we are in a country village, miles from anywhere, but it is a better place than the last one.

I was inoculated again yesterday, so have got two days’ light duty. I am not expecting to see any fighting this month, but then we never know what is going to happen, and may make a move any day.”

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