Two Brothers – Willaston Men




Private E. Lloyd joined the 13th Cheshire Regiment at the outbreak of the war, and is now with his regiment in France. He was formerly employed by Messrs. Lever Bros.

Private R.E. Lloyd joined the 8th Cheshire Regiment at the commencement of the hostilities, and is now in the Dardanelles. He was formerly employed by Mr. Beazley, of the Lydiate, Willaston, as under-gardener.

Both men are the sons of Mr. T. Lloyd, of Henshall Cottages, Willaston near Chester.



Private Edward Lloyd was born around 1888, to Thomas and Mary Lloyd in Willaston, Cheshire. He served in the Cheshire Regiment as part of the 13th Battalion. 

According to the 1911 English census Edward was married to a Lauisa Ann Lloyd, with whom he lived at Plymyard Manor Cottages, Eastham, Cheshire. 

He was listed as “wounded” on the Casualty List issued by the Home Office on the 23rd May 1916, detailed as a “gun shot wound back VI1.”   

Edward Lloyd died of wounds at home on Thursday 14th June, 1917, at the age of 29. Coincidentally, this was the same date as the last day of the Battle of Messines, which his Battalion would have been engaged in at that time.

It is not clear from the available records if the wound Edward died of was the same gun shot wound that he sustained a year earlier. The fact he is listed as having died at home leads me to believe he may in fact have been sent home in 1916, and died a year later due to complications that had arisen from his wounding.

As of yet, however, I have found no hard evidence to support this theory, and Edward Lloyd could potentially have received another wound at a later date which ultimately caused his death, of which there is no record currently available. 

He is buried at Neston Cemetery in Cheshire. 


Private Robert Ernest Lloyd was born on 5th December, 1895, to Thomas and Mary Lloyd in Willaston, Cheshire. He was baptised on 2nd February, 1896. 

Robert served as part of the Cheshire Regiment’s 8th Battalion during the First World War. He would have spent the duration of his service in the Eastern theatre, being initially stationed at Gallipoli and later Mesopotamia. 

Robert Ernest Lloyd survived the war and died in 1975 in Chester, at the age of 79. 

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