Cheshire Soldier Killed




Pte. F. King, of the Cheshires, has been officially posted as having been killed in action while on active service in France. He joined up in May 1915, and had served in Palestine 2 1/2 years. Later he was transferred to France and there met his death. He was previously employed at the Birkenhead docks, and was educated at Our Lady’s School. He was universally known as “Major,” a nickname which had clung to him since his school days. His brother was killed in action in 1916 at the great battle of Ypres.



Private Francis “Major” King served as part of the 1/4th Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment. The 1/4th Cheshires became part of the 53rd (Welsh) Division and sailed in July 1915 from Devonport to Gallipoli, where it landed on 9th August 1915.

The 1/4th Cheshires were posted to Gallipoli as part of the Dardanelles Campaign, an attempt by the Entente powers to weaken the Ottoman Empire and to create a supply line through to Russia.

The campaign lasted from 17th February, 1915 to 9th January, 1916 when Allied forces withdrew in defeat.

The 1/4th Battalion withdrew from Gallipoli in December 1915, a month before the end of the Dardanelles Campaign, and moved to Egypt. The Battalion was later moved to France in May, 1918 and from there was attached to the 102nd Brigade as part of the 34th Division. 

Private Francis King was killed in France on Tuesday 30th July, 1918, and is buried at the Rapiere British Cemetery, Villemontoire. 

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